Getting a driving license in Freiburg (Germany)

You haven't got a foreign driving license yet and you are interested in getting one in Germany?
Therefor you'll need to fulfill several requirements which are compulsory under German law:

  • completing an eye exam
  • attending an 6-8 hour first aid course (Lebensrettende Sofortmaßnahmen)

having a residence registration (Meldebescheinigung) in Freiburg or its surroundings

  • a recent passport photo
  • the registration information from Fahrschule Krebs Freiburg which you'll get with enrolment.

All these documents have to be handed in to the Fahrerlaubnisbehörde Freiburg or to the town hall of the village where you live at the moment.
For the theory exam you'll need to:

  • attend the Fahrschule Krebs Freiburg theory lesson (14 times a 90 minutes)
  • study all the important exam questions in our English online course at home
  • pass the theory exam in the TÜV of Freiburg.

For the practical exam you'll need to:

  • drive some basic lessons (Übungsstunde) to get familiar with the car, several driving excercises and the road traffic of Freiburg.
  • Drive 5 sessions (a 45 minutes) on country roads, 4 sessions on the highway and 3 sessions at night.
  • Pass the practical exam in the TÜV of Freiburg.